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In the law of Oneness & Harmlessness, it is our genuine Humanitarian Mission in full service to humanity to absolutely act on our love, kindness, respect & gratitude by valuing, celebrating & building without hesitation the future cities of Love&Light in all our barangays and communities, while at the same time help clean the environment especially for the Indigenous Peoples, the genuine caretakers of Mother Earth who is none other than the beloved 'Gaia' we almost destroyed ourselves. 

The Vision of Who We Are

As CCC Structures & Holdings Corporation plays its own part in this individual or collective consciousness, our Vision is to see the entire human kind, plant kind and animal kind ascend back to the 5th Dimension ASAP; ready, willing, able and responsible enough to reach out and touch someone, to help heal us all together with the New Earth Mother as we bravely awaken while creating our own reality with no fear nor guilt, and as we shift to new perspectives from within, not without, thus fearlessly begin to remember who we truly are...



As part of the overall Collective, therefore, it’s high time we choose to leave this duality completely....  


The Lemurian age dates back 4,500,000 years B.C. to 12,000 years.  This duality started during the overnight sinking of the largest Pacific continent of Lemuria over 12,000 years ago after being hit by the Atlanteans with thermo-nuclear weapons, the first on Mother Earth and the beginning of the fall of mankind from 5D to 3D. But their wars really began brewing 25,000 years ago.  


As the once great continent of Lemuria began to go under, the Lemurian priests were singing “Auld Lang Syne,” the last song ever heard in the land of Lemuria and still the same melody a lot of us used to sing every New Year’s Eve.  Atlantis itself went under 1,500 years right after.


Getting back to awareness, it’s high time we honor our duty to the New Mother Earth and all lives on this so called ‘PROJECT GAIA’ and help prevent any future wars as the old 3D system is being dismantled! 


Crystals will be the main source of energy used for the advanced technology that will be gifted to you when we come out of our cities in the Earth’s interior. You will use them to travel anywhere in this universe, and to retrieve information from the Universal Mind. You will find that all of Earth’s Living Library (which is your complete story) is stored in large crystal plates, rather than books, and you will have the technology to access any information very quickly from any location.


The crystal grid of the Earth herself has already received an ascension activation, and this grid is now available to many for healing energies and information. The “crystal children” incarnated in your world possess a direct connection in their DNA to communicate through this grid. You too have the option of opening to this form of consciousness, as do all who live on the surface during this time of Great Awakening and Shift. The shifts in the electromagnetic grid and the crystal grid have taken place to enable the greatest shift, that of human consciousness.


Instead of using wood, brick, cement or synthetic materials, you will use various types of crystalline structures to construct your private dwellings and public buildings. You will be living in homes that will appear to you as if you are living in crystal palaces, and yet you will still be able to maintain your privacy. These crystalline structures will reinforce your own energetic structure and support the many changes in your multi-dimensional DNA that signal your ascension to a fifth dimensional vibration and beyond. 


Since our Lemurian brothers and sisters live anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000 years, the survivors of this once mighty civilization are very real, alive and well, are still living within Mt. Shasta, California even after 12,000 years of isolation to the great surprise of many on the surface population, and they’re more than ready for a reunion to meet us on the Earth’s surface at least halfway into 4D (not 3D) to reveal to us the lessons they’ve learned at this very important time on Earth’s peaceful evolution.  


The long dark night that has separated us is now over!      


  ~Aurelia Louise Jones, Telos1

    Revelations of New Lemuria free PDF



~"This Ascension is not only the new norm, but unique: Ascension with the physical body- that is, without the need to die first. Your role is to become the New human, the physical vehicle that may resemble the old one in many ways if you look at it from a superficial perspective, but who will turn out to be something so vastly different if you look at it from an energetic perspective. For you are here to become multidimensional beings yet again, but to do so while IN that physical vehicle. 


For only by being within that physical vehicle can you manage to manifest all of the changes that need to come into being in order to change the outward appearance of this entire planet. You will change this entire planet only by changing YOU, but you cannot change this planet if you do not understand the need to be PRESENT here in a very physical way.  And yes, we do mean that in every sense of the word.  As awakening literally means being fully present- within your body, within your mind and within your energy, at all times and in every way. You are all the pioneers of this ascension experiment.


This grand experiment in ascension while within your bodies is a very new and interesting experience for both you and Me, for how would I get to experience Myself if it were not for you?


Before you there was just Me, before the earth and all the planets and star systems and galaxies and universes there was just Me and only Me. I needed to create. I needed to split apart and individuate so I could know Myself and see Myself and see all the wonders of creation. 


You are all ME! You are all creator beings just like Me." ~God


Excerpt Interview between Joanna Cherry (JC) & a Telosian girl named Sharula Dux (SD):


SD: There's no aging in Telos. We are genetically exactly the same as you, but we know we do not age; so we don't. There are a few American Indians in Telos, and they're hundreds of years or more old now.

JC: How old are you?

SD: 269. Most Telosians are between a few hundred and a few thousand years old. One man has been in his body for 30,000 years. We jokingly nicknamed him "Longest"!

JC: So you're a youngster! What about dating? Do you get a gal who's 25 dating a guy who's 2,000?

SD: Often! (Laughs)

JC: Is there any death in Telos?

SD: Yes, but it's rare. Sometimes a person dies in an accident. Pets do die.."


~Steve Beckow. Excerpts from Our Family from the Stars-R2 free PDF ebook



MAHA COHAN: Head of the Seven Chohans of the Rays, representative of the Holy Spirit for Earth. This office is filled by Paul the Venetian who is also Chohan of the Third Ray.


1st Ray - Master El Morya

2nd Ray - Lord Lanto, assisted by Masters Kuthumi and Dwjal Khul

3rd Ray - Master Paul the Venetian, also the Maha Chohan

4th Ray - Lord Serapis Bey

5th Ray - Master Hilarion

6th Ray - Lady Nada with Lord Sananda, her twin flame

7th Ray - Master Saint Germain


"Greetings, children of Earth! It is the first time that I make myself consciously known to the surface dwellers of Earth. I am indeed grateful for this opportunity to share with the readers of this material, not only my Love and Wisdom, but most of all, my energy which fortifies those who, through their obedience to Universal Laws, will connect with my heart.


Understand that these laws do not exist simply to annoy you; they have an important purpose. Without them, the universes would be places of great chaos. These laws, which you need to make yourself familiar with, are what keep the whole cosmos running smoothly, planets harmonious and abundant and humanities experiencing limitlessness, peace, love and true brotherhood. The obedience to these laws keeps you "karma free," and FREE to enjoy your incarnations as divine beings, without the trauma, pain, abuse and chaos that you experience on the surface of the Earth.


When the people of Earth, long ago, decided to put aside the love and wisdom of a benevolent and wise spiritual hierarchy to experience life without any restriction, a distorted concept of "free will," the request was granted by the Godhead as an experiment. The misuse of "free will" quickly became the law of the land, and those who had self-serving agendas took over and enslaved you in more ways than you care to know. This gave birth, as you know, to a world of pain, violence, wars, ignorance, karmic indebtedness and all the misery humanity has suffered ever since.


You all long to live in a world of Love and Light; but it is important for you to be aware that in the realms of Love and Light there are structures and strict rules that everyone must follow explicitly in order to maintain harmony, beauty and perfection. This is the only way that the "paradise-like" state you call heaven can exist. Heaven is not a place to go to, dear ones, it is a state of consciousness that you can embrace and create for yourself at any time, even in your dimension. When you develop it, you can easily create for yourself, no matter what is taking place around you, a true state of heaven on earth in which you can experience life as gracious, loving, abundant, and without limitation. This is LAW! This is TRUE LOVE! In fact, they are the same. 


If you wish to ascend and live in a dimension of love and light, you must know and fully understand the LAWS that govern that dimension and keep it in such a state of great beauty and perfection. You must become these laws incarnate! I suggest that you start practicing now explicit obedience to your spiritual planetary hierarchy and their representatives, to your "I AM Presence" and to the laws of harmlessness and love. When you attain that consciousness, I will meet you on the other side and you will know that the LAW has worked in your favor and not against you. It is my deep desire to champion your victory and your transformation. I offer you my love and assistance. Call on me whenever you need help." ~The Judge Speaks


 ~Seven Sacred Flames, Aurelia Louise Jones free PDF e-book



Paradise to be Regained

Palawan Islands


The recent ranking by Conde Nast are some of the awesome pictures of Palawan Islands shown below which considers the natural resources of countries, including places that "have it all," from tropical rainforests to staggering waterfalls