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20-hectare "City of Love&Light" Integrated Livelihood project in every Barangay using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) and GeoPolymer Concrete (GPC), composed of 300 units 3-bedroom single-family detached homes with aquaponics and 1-bdrm bahay kubo, 8-storey single parents&seniors dual twin-tower condominiums, crystalline Pyramid Meditation&Ascension Centre, Mindanao mosques and Dutch-type floating homes, IP malls & cooperatives, International Sports Centres, holographic, restorative and regenerative Medbeds 5D Quantum Healing Centres manned mostly by clairvoyant kids, teens & qualified staff, Tekos Schools for the Indigenous and our street children's guaranteed education, supermarkets, vegetables/fruits vertical&aero farms, barangay rice mills, refrigeration, canning, rice & furniture warehouses, farm resorts including CLT bridges, solar desalination from Solar Water Solutions, complete with totally free energy just like everything else in the natural worlds, Environmental Engineering with Ocean/rivers/tributaries nationwide Cleanup project, Coral Reefs & Mangrove forests rehabilitation,  massive Moso bamboos, hemp and trees planting the Japanese Daisugi way, upland black rice plantations, lush sacred forests rehabilitation and campgrounds with Cable Cars in all mountain ranges, plus Maglev trains from Aparri to Sabah (North Borneo) made perfect with Skyway Connectors, and many, many more that we can all create together with The Law of One!!!



Coral reefs, the most productive of the tropical marine ecosystems are in danger of vanishing.  Regardless of the increased awareness on coral reefs and the subsequent management and conservation, the decline of this important resource has only slowed down.  Degradation is still in process because of human disturbances.


Coral bleaching, increased population of crown-of-thorns starfish that eats the coral polyps, ocean acidification, increased sedimentation from upland activities that leads to poor water quality and illegal fishing are still the issues behind the endangered status of coral reefs.  To date, 33% of the species of corals around the globe are listed by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (UCN) as endangered based on scientific findings of coral experts and scientists.


In the most recent survey of the Philippine coral reefs, 4% are in excellent condition or over 75% hard and soft cover, 28% are in good condition or 50-75% coral cover, 42% in fair condition or 25-50% coral cover, and 27% in poor condition or less than 25% coral cover, while in the Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago, data is inadequate (Chou, 1998, Licunan & Gomez, 2000, DENR, 2001)


Build the Future Fast Facts


What is the eternal geopolymer concrete that grew stronger with time and which can be found on every continent such as the great pyramids, built and vastly used by the once world's greatest Tartarian civilization? It's a well known fact that traditional concrete is a mixture of Ordinary Portland Cement, fine aggregates (sand), coarse aggregates (gravels), water, and air, sometimes with additives such as plasticisers and colourants. Flyash has long been added as a beneficial supplement in traditional concrete, but the innovative manufacture of geopolymer cement and geopolymer concrete goes one step further, employing flyash as the main active binding ingredient rather than just as a supplement. Geopolymer cement (GPC) is an innovative masonry binder. It is a construction material made from alkali activated pozzolanic materials, resulting in a binding material with very good physical and mechanical properties and durability, and can be used in place of Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). Emissions reduced by 80%! Concrete production is enormously carbonintensive, due to the high temperatures required in its manufacture. In contrast, geopolymer concrete can be produced at room temperature, reducing carbon emissions by almost 80 per cent.

Daisugi ~ A Solution to Deforestation


Rooted in the Japanese philosophy of living in harmony with nature, the practice of Daisugi tree planting dates back to the 14th century, when the great demand for wood to build tea rooms in Kitayama Prefecture lead tree growers to seek a way to increase timber production. It allows the production of high-quality timber from a single tree, which reduces the need to cut down multiple trees. Daisugi trees can also be harvested more frequently than conventional growing trees, thus increase the yield of lumber per hectare, our best guide to our very own sustainable forestry.



for the Sama-Bajau boat/shipbuilder Indigenous Peoples and Tausugs from Jolo, Sulu


plus the millions of Off-Grid 3-bedroom Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) houses & bridges instead of the usual concrete jungles, with aquaponics,  treehouses  or bahay kubo for the Upland Black Rice & Daisugi Forest Rehabilitation Farmers also shown below, from the Sierra Madre mountains of Luzon, the entire Visayas region, to Tawi Tawi in Mindanao and Sabah complete with Cable Cars in all mountain ranges



Proposed Barangay Solar Water Solutions with plug&play-type desalination



Desalination system running on solar power without any batteries or diesel, enabled by ANVS® technology. Revolutionary for both your budget and for the environment by Solar Water Solutions Finland.



Our wattermakers are designed to function

autonomously in off-grid locations. They're fully automatic with no need for adjustments, so you won't need professionals around. Even the filters and membranes are easy to replace. 



Map of the Philippine Islands


The Philippine archipelago has 7,641 islands, with a total land area of 343,448 square kilometers. The Philippine coastline, consisting of gulfs, bays and islets, stretches at 36,289 kilometers from Luzon to Mindanao.  It is bounded by the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas to the South, and the Philippine Seas to the West and East.  About 60% of the country’s municipalities and cities are located along the coasts including 10% of our largest cities.


The archipelagic nature and vast coastline of our country support an enormous diversity of plants and animals, thriving in mangroves, beach forests and intertidal reefs.  Each of these habitats have coexisted for millions of years, and until today, continues to provide us with food and shelter and plays a vital role in protecting the inlands from constant wave action, winds and fast tidal currents. 


Today, almost all of our coastal ecosystems are facing degradation, destruction, illegal settlements and/or over development, highlighting the need for us to take the necessary action in protecting and conserving them.


The Indigenous Maharlika Tribes


There are two main ethnic groups comprising several upland and lowland indigenous tribes living within the Archipelago – from the northern and southern parts specifically in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao regions totaling 333 entirely diversified indigenous groups. The indigenous peoples (IPs) living in the northern part of the country are called the Igorots, whereas those non-Muslim indigenous tribes living in the south are referred to as Lumad.


Some of the well-known Indigenous groups in northern Luzon are the Igorots, the Aytas, the Dumagat found in central eastern, and the Mangyans in Mindoro. In the Bataan Peninsula of central Luzon, a single Indigenous group, known as the Ayta Magbukún can be found living near the fringe of the Manila Bay/ South China Sea and the forest cover of Mount Mariveles.  


When these Ayta tribes at the foot of Mt. Pinatubo were once faced with the threat of losing the stewardship of their ancestral land to potential land grabbers after the 1991 eruption, its tribe chieftain rose to the occasion and fought to secure their right to the land. This resulted in the tribe earning one of the first Ancestral Domain titles, further motivating the tribal leader to do everything in his power to help uplift the lives of the Ayta community. This is true up to the Mindanao regions (Wikipedia).


The IPs Top Priorities

As part of the collective consciousness, we really need to sort out our priorities and materialism’s dirty trap of success should definitely not be one of them by now. With all the synchronicities being shown directly to us, together we could do it for the sake of OUR Earth Mother's glory who willingly let us experience life in 3D at her own expense. Its also hightime we remember who we are and what we ALL eagerly volunteered to do in this once most beautiful planet who is really called "The Emerald" in this universe. She is a most glorious creation and She is ALIVE, A BEING OF God's LOVE. She is part of the human experience, and the human experience is a part of Her. All of the pollution of the thoughts, words and deeds from humanity is now a part of Her, as well as within the humans who created them. She has been raped, pillaged, and plundered by those who were SUPPOSED TO BE Her guardians. She has allowed us to make Her be our playground of HELL, and She has CRIED OUT TO GOD FOR HELP AND MERCY.


As many of us now know our only HOPE will come from the LOVING Grace and Mercy of OUR Divine Father! And God has answered HER plea in His infinite Love, Compassion and Mercy. The promise: She will be allowed to cleanse Herself from within and without of ALL the Anti-Christ pollution smothering Her...SHE WILL BE REBIRTHED INTO A CHRISTED BEING OF PERFECTION!


And so too, the humans WHO choose to align in balance with the Laws of God and the Creation will also receive graduation into the Kingdom of God in the Higher Dimensions of LIFE within the DIVINE CREATION. NONE will be spared the ultimate choice between the Kingdom of LIGHT and LOVE that is GOD's Kingdom, or to remain in the kingdom of THE ANTI-Christ...which is the desolate, hollow darkness of lies, deception and destruction.


We NOW have the opportunity to move our soul awareness from UNCONSCIOUS (current 3rd dimensional experience) to CONSCIOUS (New God 4th & 5th dimensional experience) IMMORTALITY! Let's meditate on the meaning of that statement of Truth! May we all wisely choose the glorious FREEDOM of the CONSCIOUS IMMORTALITY OF GOD, TRUTH, LOVE and LIGHT! 


Tamarinda Maassen mentioned earlier, and she's coming directly from the Telos Agartha Network: "We could not be who we are without remembering who we have been." 


Our Barangay Cross Laminated Timber or CLT Meditation/Healing & Ascension Centers will be manned mostly by CLAIRVOYANT KIDS and TEENS!!! 


5D Quantum Healing Medbed 8-hour Free Trial



MAGNETIC LEVITATION or Maglev Trains with mega bridges and/or undersea tunnels from Aparri to Sabah as earlier envisioned by the then President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

"Truly, LOVE is all there is, and it's all that matters." 



Mangrove forests, or “forests of the sea,” are mostly found along tidal mudflats and shallow coastal waters that extend inland to rivers and streams in the world’s tropical and subtropical countries like the Philippine Islands.


In the early 1900s, the Philippine mangroves covered an area of about 5,000 square kilometers, which has since declined to around 1,200 square kilometers.  This will be an URGENT task for all concerned. Squatters from all over the Philippines, mostly Indigenous Peoples, are taking a huge part with their illegal settlements, courtesy of the land grabbers of their ancestral domains which is sad to say at the very least. It’s probably true that the Philippines is one of the countries in the world that “have it all,” but right now its such a mess and it needs a major repair/overhaul here and there due to the non-stop pollution, sheer negligence and lack of gratitude amongst others. We need to wake up soonest before its really too late since Gaia is already ascending back into 5D, with or without us.





THE FUTURE OF EDUCATION IS NOW- Social Innovation Academy


Educators and teachers can learn from this concept. Children teach themselves.  Their leaders are all  called Commanders!!!


This will be quite a big help especially to the IPs and Street Children in the Philippines.


‘Regular’ schools prepare the kids for social roles...


Tekos kids don't prepare but "Live in the Moment."


The most remarkable educator of early Soviet Union was social educator Anton Makarenko (1888-1939), whose work is particularly interesting in relevance to the Schetinin School. Based on his unique experience, Makarenko developed a multifaceted theory of school education, helping orphans under the most difficult and dramatic conditions. In the upbringing of the troubled orphans he combined insistence and respect, school education and productive labor.


In 1920 Makarenko became director of a new Colony for homeless and delinquent youth in Poltava, Ukraine. World War 1 and the civil war led to large numbers of orphans and the children in the Colony were highly traumatized orphans who had previously lived by begging, theft, robbery, or prostitution. What fascinates me personally is that, within several years, Makarenko developed a system which transformed those children into happy, stable, honest and bright personalities. Interestingly, in his colony of 600 juveniles Makarenko completely abandoned teachers and supervisors. They had adults as school teachers, engineers at the plant, but the children’s group of 500-600 people lived to some degree on its own. Makarenko had complete trust in his children, he knew that they would rise in the morning, get ready and clean their rooms. Not a single case of criminality developed in over 3,000 children who went through Makarenko’s amazing educational system and many researchers who followed the destinies of these children noted, “They became happy people”.



IP Schools & Sports Centre Facilities, Fire Departments, IP Coop and Malls, 3-bedroom homes, twin-tower condominiums, hotels, etc. using Cross Laminated Timber with examples as shown below from the Montreal Canadian NORDIC Structures  



Only 10% of Plastics are recycled worldwide!


A 2018 study estimated that the Great Pacific Garbage patch, the largest, contains roughly 79,000 tons of plastic.  The cleanup installation showed promising results, but most researchers agree efforts should also be put toward preventing plastic from entering the ocean in the first place.  We also need to attack it at its source-rivers.”


A new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development report found that 460 million tons of plastics were used in 2019, the number nearly doubling since 2000.


A 2020 study found that more than 24 billion pounds (11 million metric tons) of plastic are being dumped into the oceans each year, a figure that could nearly triple by 2040.  The table salt that we use for cooking already contains 90% plastic.


Despite the scale of the problem, the nonprofit’s founder, Dutch inventor Boyan Slat, says they would need about ten Jennys (U-shaped large net pulled or dragged by two solar-powered trash collecting barge) to clean up half of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.